After meeting i gave my commitments for the day and proceeded to the skills check. It was during this that Tony declared that she has been trying to raise the front wheel of her bike for years. Well, ten minutes later she could!
after finding what the riders all did naturally I began working on installing the missing skills and we then moved from unweighting the bike to pumping and the dis connected bunny hop. The group ate these up and really grasped the pumping with all of them going way past the 2nd corner on the pumping section.
I demonstrated the bunnyhop technique to them and John fancied a go and in three tried nailed the technique!!
We moved onto the drop technique and they all showed great mental skills and physical skills and all got nice controlled air off the drop.
After a short while we moved onto technical climbing and onto a trail where we worked on cornering and linking sections together by identifying braking zones.
I worked hard on their looking and speed management and they started to flow down through the sections. We linked the whole trail together including drops,corners and over lapping sections together and all riders we riding faster and more smoothly and controlled.
We ended our session with smiles all round and I know their riding with improve further over the coming weeks.