Johnny, Chris and Dan were given gift vouchers for xmas and today was the day they booked with us. old wind and blue skies greeted their arrival and I told them how I would begin the session and what I look for. The skills check found footwork, looking and body positioning needed work as well as the all important mental skills. I made some set up changes and the effect was immediate as they could now easily perform one of the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach.

We began with the drop technique and soon they were landing perfectly as it felt easier than they had ever landed before as their old weight right back technique was proved to be wrong. They all rode the three drops before we moved to jumping tabletops. I took time with them all and developed their skills inline with their learning style before all of them had cleared the 6ft tabletop and dan even rode the gap jump too. cornering and pumping was next . Body positioning is key in corners and they could feel any errors straight away and soon they were linking pumping and three berms together. We took a coffee break and resumed with riding steeper terrain. Even a near vertical drop off proved no issue to them as the video shows

We ended the session on a complete trail linking jumps, pumping and cornering together by control areas and line choice and it was awesome to see them all popping off of sections they chose to jump and carrying speed. $ hours after we began the session ended as cramps and mental tiredness got the better of them so we celebrated an awesome day with a pint at the local pub.