John came to me from riding with the muddy moles, some of whom I have coached.

During the skills check I found what what missing in his riding but also uncovered a natural body position and push technique.

Once corrected, we moved onto the drops and applied both the physical and mental skills.

In no time at all John was landing perfectly and riding away smoothly.

We then moved onto the skills trail and the 14 sections contained within it.

We began with pumping a mound on the trail and linked it into the following 2 corners. I worked heavily on John’s looking and also his speed management skills here before adding the rock garden and 2 further corners into the mix.

On timing John along a 70 meter section we shaved 4 seconds off just by developing his skills set further and speed was a by-product.
We worked down the trail linking each section to the next using the correct exit and entries.
We linked flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns to rocks, fly outs, steps and drops.

We then rode the entire trail quite a few times and each run John became more fluid and smooth as he flowed down the singletrack unhurried and faster than ever.

Finally, I showed John how the push applies to jumping and to his complete amazement he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop easily and effortlessly. Mental tiredness brought our session to a close with a demonstration of the skills set in use by myself on the wooden singletrack at Herts.
Great session John!