John wanted a session last year but time wasn’t ready for it to happen until now. The forecast was for torrential rain all day but the rains held off and the session began with my skills check. I found body position and looking errors and along with a set up change I began correcting things. From our chat before hand , I knew that I’d have to work on his mental skills as airtime was a no-no with him. I began with the drop technique, which was a big fear for John since crashing at his local trails on one. The look on his face as he began landing perfectly from the word go was a picture and he soon rode all 3 drops with ease and absolute control.
Onto cornering and I worked hard on controlling grip with him and then moved to the skills trail to apply it. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to rock gardens, pumping, jumping, absorbing, steps and drop offs. We took a break midway to have a coffee and worked on linking berms together whilst we waited for the coffee and the skill set embedded deeper and deeper and John could feel the effects.
We moved to the trail containing the linked berms to work on pumping and jumping and why to use either technique and when. Now he was flowing down the trail and popping into the air by choice. We moved back to the skills trail for a couple more runs before our session closed and he was flying down the trail compared to when we started and I cannot wait to hear of his future riding exploits. Amazing improvemnts John.