John has had mountain bike coaching from myself on two other occasions over the past 5 years but this was the first as a one to one. We began with cornering, something John was proficient at from our last session and he was quickly linking three berms together so I added the whole trail that comes before it to work at carrying speed through multiple sections via pumping and absorbing. As ever with John we took a few coffee breaks as he likes his coffee as I do and on resuming, we began working on jumping. The 6ft tabletop was familiar to him from before but now on his own he was more¬†concerned with his mental skills as he no one to just follow so I broke the whole thing down and it took him a while to move to the 6ft gap jump. After a time , we moved to riding the 7ft ladder gap jump from the end of our last session but John hadn’t quite settled into his rhythm but another coffee break changed everything.

We resumed after food and coffee and John had changed mentally and was confident in riding the 7ft gap jump so it was time to develop his riding further still.¬†A new trail beckoned, multiple gap jumps that required the physical skills as ever to be in place and one by one John began riding them , eventually riding the line of six ladder gap jumps smoothly and controlled. John’s pop has blossomed so much he was choosing effort or speed at will. The heat of the day really began taking its toll and after 5 hours and small errors were creeping in so we decided to end it there and bask in the adrenaline of the session with a pint in the local pub. Amazing stuff John






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