John has been riding since he was a kid and luckily, he still is a kid. He wanted to learn why sometimes he messes up jumps and looses grip in corners and his search for coaching led to us at ukbikeskills. The day arrived and the frozen conditions soon gave way to slippy top layer so any changes in his riding were felt straight away. 
 The skills check showed looking, body positioning and footwork all needed gradual correction and that only left the mental skills. I adjusted John’s set up and off we went to apply his new skills set to the technique I teach for drops and jumps. Well, as soon as John  landed perfectly on the largest drop  he knew why and the smile grew and grew and never left his face. We moved to jumping a 6ft tabletop and the same result followed. He used his mental skills to ride the gap jump too and whoops of laughter rang out across the countryside as we both laughed at the simplicity of it all.
 We had a break for coffee and resumed with cornering and soon we were on a trail pumping, jumping and linking three berms together and sailing into the air on the final jump. During the coffee break, John had wandered off and looked at a 9ft gap jump. Well that was next on his menu and he easily rode that and the adrenaline shakes began as he was riding beyond his previous level but now with so much control and confidence as he knew why it was right or wrong in any section.
 Errors began to creep in soon after as the mental toll of pushing his riding on began to accelerate but the session didn’t end until we’d worked on linking drops into corners.
What a brilliant session .