Jonathan has been coached by me 2 years ago and wanted to his long term friend David to share a session That Jonathan bought him for a surprise birthday gift. On the morning of the session, we chatted over a coffee and began with my skills check. I found Jonathan needed work on looking and body positioning and David needed footwork on top of those too.

We moved to the drop sections to work on their mental skills too and then after a few demonstrations by myself, they began riding the drops too. Both landed perfectly and David commented on how easy it felt too.
 After a while it was time to move onto the skills trail and the 14 sections contained within it. I broke the trail into quarters to allow us to focus on bite sized chunks of the trail before linking it all together.

Pumping, steps, drop offs, rock gardens and  fly outs were linked to off camber, flat, bermed and switchback turns by the identified braking areas. We worked our way down the trail adding the next segment of trail to the previous and I also worked hard on line choice and braking technique too when linking drops offs and corners. It was awesome to see two friends riding the trail end to end with smiles on their faces as they now were smoother and had control more than ever on their mtbs!
Great session guys.