Jonathon contacted me to develop his off road skills both on the mtb and also the cyclo cross bike.
After the skills check I discovered that we had much work to do in cornering but also uncovered a natural push that was covered up by his lack of 2 skills from the skill set I teach. Once those were installed, we moved straight to the drop technique.
Here I went through how to land etc and I set about matching his natural push to a speed and soon Jonathon was landing perfectly. applying his mental skill set, Jonathon moved through to the larger drop in his own time and on all three of them he was landing perfectly. I then got him to use different speeds and graduate his push accordingly.
Now it came time to work on Jonathon’s cornering and linking his entries and exits from them. Here we worked very hard on footwork and looking further along the trail. each error was identified and corrected methodically. We worked on flat, switchback and bermed corners, rock gardens, steps and up ramps. I also showed how the push applies to the bunny hop technique and soon Jonathon was un weighting the front wheel over the log easily and the second push of the technique was there too but the timing was out. That technique will come on in the on coming weeks.
Finally, I worked on carrying speed into and out of corners as I worked hard to remove his tendency to comfort brake mid corner.
We ended our session there and I gave Jonathon some areas to work on and I’m looking forward to our on going partnership with his riding development.
Great session.