Jonathon wanted to understand why he gets bucked when jumping kickers/steep take offs. I showed him the skill in his skill set that needed correcting and why and then I set to work. Drops were first and the new skills really changed how he felt on his bike and we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. By the time we broke for coffee and food he was sailing over these effortlessly.

We resumed and worked on pumping and cornering and also getting used to jumping further on a 14ft tabletop. Even a crash later on in the session didn’t faze him as he knew what he did wrong when he braked before take off and then sat back.

We rode steep drop offs in a way that was far more controlled and faster than he’d have tried before. Before we finished,  I moved him back to the 6ft tabletop and he found he could clear it with much less speed than earlier in the day . Great session dude.