Joost had previously attended 2 other sessions with myself over the past year and after becoming a father and finding he didn’t get out as much as he wanted, he came to me for a refresh and to develop further.
As usual the skills check told me what I needed to know and I set about working on the things I found.
We began with corners that link into corners, here we worked on off camber corner into a drop into a berm. I identified a body position fault and we worked hard on this before moving onto a big fear of his, Steeps!
I worked on what made up his fear and broke it down. I worked on the control of the steep section and also the visual side of the fear and very quickly Joost was riding it.
We rode the entire coaching trail so I could see how he reacts to unseen sections and was pleased to see he had developed great footwork in corners.
I taught Joost the beginnings of jumping on a previous session but needed to expand that now onto gaps too.
Once the tabletop and its gap side were ridden effortlessly, we moved onto the low shore ladder drop to work once more on his peripheral fears before moving onto the log booter gap jump of 10-12ft. Here I worked on the techniques required in the run up too. Flat corner into a pump hole before riding up the 18″ wide log and sailing over the gap. Joost was smiling as it was by far the largest jump he had ever ridden and wanted more, so I moved us onto a 3.5 meter gap step down that is proceeded by a corner.

Joost was blown away at how effortless it felt as he applied both his physical skill set and also the mental skill set to sail over the gap.
Before we knew it four and a half hours had past and our session came to a natural end.
I hope the move back to Holland goes well and I look forward to the riding pictures.