Jo had a session with me last year and wanted a follow up to check her uptake of the skill set and also to work on her psychological skill set too.
As always I checked her skill set using my skills check and we went onto the coaching trail where we split in half. We worked on cornering more especially braking on entry to corners and pedaling in them too. We also worked on linking drops into corners.

A few complete runs of the trail showed a more fluid riding style than previously.
We moved onto the alpine style switchbacks and Jo’s footwork was worked on here to match her looking and body positioning.
Next up was the tabletop and the gap side of the jump. Gaps are a huge step for Jo and one of her reasons for returning to me. In no time at all Jo was sailing over the tabletop and we worked on beginning to style/move the bike in the air.

In her own time Jo used her mental skills set to ride the gap side of the jump too.
Lastly we moved over to a gap jump that challenged her fears further by having a narrow approach to the gap by riding up a halved tree. In three runs Jo cleared the jump perfectly and the whoops of joy were evidence of her happiness. Jo called an end to the session afterwards with a big smile on her face and I look forward as ever to her riding updates.