Julie, jo, Claire and ross turned up as arranged and we began as always with the skills check and I found that collectively I needed to work on looking, footwork and body position. I also made some set up changes. We began with the drop technique, and were all surprised at how easy it was, and were all landing perfectly. Before long we moved onto the skills trail, where we worked on each section individually before finally linking them all together over a period of the next two hours. Flat, bermed, switchbacked and off camber ccorners were linked to pumping, absorbing, rock gardens sreps and drops. All were ridden fluidly due to line choice and control areas. Each complete run of the trail was quicker and more in control then they had ever ridden before, and any errors were being self diagnosed. I could see they were tiring, but as they are going to the alps I wwanted to show them why there new skillet can make riding steeper terrain easier, and they were stunned at how in control it felt. Over 6 hours since we started our session, they were both physically and mentally tired, and we celebrated our session with a beer in the sunshine.
High 5!