Andi, Marcus, Tom, Simon, Chris and Ian gathered at the Herts skills area for my jumps and drops session.
Once I corrected their natural push technique and changed bike set ups, we set to work on applying the skill set to drops.
All riders rode all 3 drops and were landing perfectly. I worked on body positioning so they could begin to style it in the air.

We then did a bit of work on corners before working on linking drops into corners. I worked on braking areas and line choice.

We then moved on to jumping technique and used a fly out jump to flat to work on it confidently before moving onto the 6ft tabletop.
I worked on body position, footwork and looking as well as the mental skill set also as they used their push to jump the tabletop smoothly.
Some used their mental skills to great effect and rode the 6ft gap jump too, over and over again and also began styling it too!
Finally, I moved us onto a 9ft gap jump and for the riders who had the mental skill set add up correctly they all rode it.

All in all, an awesome session and I look forward to their feedback on future rides.