Iain and Anna wanted to return to me for mountain bike coachingĀ to focus on jumping and drops as this was an area that Iain wanted to get better at and Anna wanted to build her mental skills for as 1ft high drops were er limit. Drops were first and Iain wasted no time in riding the largest 3ft drop and I was able to get him to begin to move the bike in the air and develop style. Anna needed her mental skills and only when the physical skills were there too could she decide to move to the largest drop she had ever considered riding. The result was it felt the same as te lower ones and the smiles on their faces said it all.

After a break the rest of our session before they were too tired to continue was used on the 6ft tabletop when I broke down the phases of jumping and built them back up gradually until they were both clearing the 6ft tabletop and landing on the transition.

They came a long way in a short time frame and it’s hard for me to put into words a session like this.

Awesome progression that will develop further


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