All 7 guys met as arranged and I soon found That they all had a natural habit in the un weight technique and I removed what was covering it up.
We moved onto 3 drops which all riders rode easily, using their mental skill sets. We then rode in pairs over the drops to deal with peripheral fears.
next, we worked on drops into berms and carrying speed through each section before moving onto jumping.
On the table top i matched each push to the individual speed of the rider and everyone sailed over the table top easily time and again. After a short lunch break we resumes on the gap side and once again everyone rode the 6ft gap easily.
From there, we moved onto a ladder drop to add the fear of being above ground and once again all 7 of them rode it easily.

Finally, we then moved onto a 9ft gap step down and used the mental skill set again.
Our session ended as riders used their mental skill set to decide weather they did or didn’t ride it.
awesome session!