December 21, 2009 Tony Doyle

Jumps and drops with the ninja

We tooka couple of warm up runs and then worked on applying the skillset to drops. Steve took to this very well indeed.

I then demonstrated how the puming technique relates to jumps.

In a short while Steve was airbourne!

We then applied the skills to techniques on a new trail and the skills flowed.

Steve had previously attended an intermediate/advanced course with myself and wanted to expand his skillset further. Steve went home very happy indeed.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Tony, Great day at woburn even in the snow.Bad habits are slowly being replaced by technique hence me completing a few jumps out of my comfort zone. Its all starting to make sense and Im looking forward to getting out and to keep improving. You certainly inspire confidence.Happy Xmas to you all at ukbikskills and best wishes for the NEW YEAR. Steve

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