Pete and Cooper came to me after recommendation and wanted to learn to jump . Simples I thought and the skills check showed me they were accomplished riders but errors in their skills sets had developed into fear of air. Looking and body positioning were predominantly in need of work as well as Peter’s footwork in corners and also his lead foot too. A simple set up change was done and off we went to apply both mental and physical skills sets to the techniques required.
 The drops were first and soon they were riding the largest drop easily and comfortably and we moved across to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump straight after, which they looked surprised at. In a few small adjustments , they both began sailing over the tabletop with ease and to their amazement, they both started comfortably riding the 6ft gap jump too. All this within 2 hours of us meeting.
We began working on cornering and before long they were linking three berms together and riding the jump that followed too. Then they rode two berms and rode the 7ft gap jump that followed and this blew them away as it now felt like they’d always known how to jump. We took a break and then resumed by riding the singletrack skills trail and i worked on their fluidity and line choice until they were riding the trail and its fourteen sections smoothly and controlled and that made them faster and faster. We moved to the pump and jump trail that is above the 7ft gap jump and they were pumping and jumping for fun now and much to their surprise, they rode the 9ft gap jump at the end of the line too. The session ended after a good few complete runs of the trail and they linked the 7ft and 9ft gap jumps into the line with absolute control and ease.
Amazing end to a great week of coaching.