Justin and Dave are local to me and found me via the web. The day arrived and we met and chatted over a coffee. I began with my skills check and set up change and found I needed to work on looking and body positioning and also their mental skills.

 We began with the drop technique and their new skills paid off straight away as they began landing perfectly.

 We moved onto the skills trail to work on linking sections on a trail together. Pumping was used to gain speed and that was linked to rock gardens, steps, upslopes and drops and flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners.

  I worked hard on braking control and line choice and the drop technique we covered earlier shone through as they both sailed over the largest drop and linked it into the following corner.

 we moved onto riding steeper terrain and the required body position that was way different from common advice and they rode the largest one easily and controlled.

 For our final application of the mental and physical skills sets we moved to riding even steep stuff and it blew them away how easy it felt. Our session ended there as mental tiredness had hit home and we parted with handshakes and smiles.  Amazing session.