Justin came to me from Cheltenham and on meeting i gave him the outline for the session and immediately began to discover the good and bad in his riding during the skills checks. I found missing footwork, looking and a body positioning fault in corners but uncovered a natural push technique that we’d use heavily.
The first technique we applied it to was the drops. In no time at all I had matched his push to a speed and he was landing perfectly.
We moved onto the trail and worked on pumping bumps and mounds on the trail before using this gained speed and linking it to corners.
We worked on off camber, bermed, flat and switchback corners. Rock gardens, steps, fly outs and drops. Each was linked by the correct braking zones and as we worked down the trail we linked it to the previous section and the speed really began to pick up. I worked hard on drops into corners with Justin as I found and had to remove a protective mechanism but soon he was riding the whole trail top to bottom faster and faster. With further tweaking on his complete run time, he took a further 4 seconds off for a top to bottom time of 29 secs. awesome!
Lastly, Justin wanted me to teach him to jump as he was going to Glentress at the end of the month and was sick of rolling over them.
In a few graduated steps he was sailing across and landing smoothly on the transition. Justin then even chose to use his mental skill set and apply it to the gap jump as he rode his first ever gap jump too.
Great session!!