Karen and Mark came to me in December and wanted another session prior to them going to the alps.
 The skills check showed me they had worked on their cornering but were dropping looking and body positioning elsewhere.

 I corrected that quickly using the drop sections and from there we moved onto to the 6ft tabletop to work on their mental skills. I wanted to teach this technique to them back in December but mental tiredness prevented me from doing so and now I had the opportunity. I worked hard on the mental skills and also On Mark’s body positioning and they both began sailing over it.

 We had a break as I know from before how mental fatigue effects them before heading onto the steeps. I worked on rolling steeps into corners and also rolling from height and demonstrated each step of the way.

 For our final techniques I showed why the skill set applied to pumping repetitive sections and choosing to jump and manual sections. Our session ended soon after to a coffee and this gave us time to reflect on a great session in many ways.