Karin took a short notice cancellation as she had wanted mountain bike coaching from myself and this was her chance.

We began with the skills check and I found that Karin needed work on looking and body positioning before I could work on her mental skills. When I said I was going to work on getting air from drops she thought I was crazy but in no time at all , Karin was airborne and a big old grin spread across her face and that never left.

We worked hard on body positioning in corners as well as the art of pumping undulations on a trail too. Linking pumping and two corners and a rock garden proved no issue once Karin applied her new Jedi skills.

We worked on carrying speed through berms and after lunch I demonstrated linking three berms together before it was Karin’s turn.

Lastly, we worked on linking jumping, steps , corners and drop offs on a trail and everything felt easier and simpler for Karin and more importantly, less scary. Karin herself ended the session with a big hug.

Brilliant, High5!



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