Karl and Dave arrived for their session ahead of the forecasted snow flurry and I began as I always do with the skills check, where I found they needed work on looking and body positioning as well as the all important mental skills. We started with cornering on the hillside and they immediately felt the difference in control and grip and we moved to applying it to linking berms together.
 Next we worked on drops and although Dave was more comfortable on drops and jumps than Karl, I was able to work with both at the same time. I showed Dave why his new skills set made style inn the air an easier task and Karl soon was landing perfectly and feeling the positive changes.
We moved to the 6ft tabletop and I spent lots of time getting Karl comfortable with the techniques required and by the end , Karl was jumping the tabletop and Dave was sailing the gap jump side too.
 I worked on riding steep drop offs as well as linking their drop techniques and cornering techniques together by line choice and control areas.
The snow disappeared, as we moved to pumping. jumping and cornering on the trail with the three berms and it was awesome to see Karl popping in to the air by choice now and Dave styling it. Any errors were now being diagnosed by themselves as they now knew why it was wrong in any section.
Karl was tiring mentally and declined the final section we covered using his mental skills and Dave went on to easily ride the berm, 9ft gap jump, berm combo .
An awesome session came to an end and I cannot wait to hear of their riding improvements in the future.