I have coached Kas and Matt twice before and today was the third installment. It turned out that Matt had crashed three weeks ago and had a massive drop in confidence so the session was based on body position and the all important mental skills. I could see that Matt’s skills set was dramatically effected by the crash so i built the session gradually. Beginning  style in the air was first up and we used the 3ft drop for this and soon they were both moving the bike in the air. We moved across to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and it was there that I had to piece Matt back together and also move Kas’s riding along too of course. By the time we moved to another part of the skills area, both Kas and Matt were riding the gap jump and even styling it at times too.
 Three berms were next on the menu and Kas was weaker on his right sided turns so I worked on that and we rode the steep take off jump that came afterwards and it was there that Matt woke up and began to pop again.
 Last session Matt but not Kas rode a 7ft ladder gap and was disappointed in himself but happy to use his mental skills set to choose not to but this time it was Kas who was first over it  quickly followed by Matt. We wasn’t done there. I demonstrated a 9ft gap jump to them and they both eagerly rode that too, eventually linking it in a line including the previous ladder gap too. Now they were riding for fun and loving it. They called an end to the session wanting a beer so we retired to the pub to celebrate an awesome session.