Kas and Matt have been coached by myself before and today was all about the mental skills and filling in the gaps in their application of their skills sets. We began with the skills check and quickly moved to the drops when I isolated Kas’s body positioning and worked on Matt’s style in the air. From there, we moved across to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on applying the skills sets there also. I next wanted to work more on their judgement of speed for distance when jumping and for this I used a 14ft tabletop and they soon got to grips with it. Then we moved to the top of the trail that ends in the 14ft jump and worked on absorbing and pumping sections on the trail to gain speed and gradually they got faster and smoother and was able to choose whether to pump or jump any given section and then carry that speed through one berm.
Next I demonstrated why manualing through sections carry further speed in a given section and soon they were trying that too with Matt nailing a few first before Kas followed suit.
I then worked on linking two berms together and carrying enough speed to jump a 7ft gap jump and Matt used his mental skills to decide yes and Kas knew he wasn’t ready just yet for it and knew why.
We ended the session with them both pumping and jumping sections on a trail with far greater fluidity than ever before and I can’t wait for their ride updates.