I met Kate as arranged at Woburn Sands and after outlining what we will be doing I ran her through the skills check. I found that Kate had good footwork in corners but missed other skills that I then set about installing. I also found that Kate pushed her bike naturally to un weight the front end so I knew the mental skills were in need of developing.
The 1st technique we covered was pumping and Kate really got to grips with it in a short time.
From there we moved onto the drop technique. I started off on a small mound where I can isolate the push needed before we moved onto 1ft drop where we worked on landing both wheels together. It was here that I 1st discovered that when speed gets added, Kate tucks her head in and pulls her brakes in a protective manner. I then moved onto the jump technique and very quickly Kate was getting across the jump and once again when speed was added Kate went protective.
We now moved onto a trail where we worked on linking 6 sections together beginning with corners. We worked on looking and speed management here quite heavily and soon Kate was riding fast and smooth and once again when a certain speed was attained Kate went protective but now we could isolate it and recreate it and therefore overcome it.
We worked on why it happened and formulated a plan to push into the corner more at the point just before she went protective which gave Kate something to focus on rather than the fear of speed. Now Kate was really able to go faster and with more control. We worked our way through the sections identifying braking zones and using them where needed.
We ended our session as mental tiredness began to show.
great session Kate and work on the things I said.