Katherine flew over from Jersey this morning for her mountain bike skills session with me, and she arrived perfectly just as the rain stopped. She mainly wanted to work on cornering today, which was good, as strong winds would have made teaching jumping difficult. We worked through the skills checks to uncover what skills she was missing from the skills set that myself and Tony teach. Body position was her main fault, as well as her looking. We moved onto the hillside, as I wanted to make the corrections here. Once I showed her, she took it onboard very quickly, and was soon cornering with more grip and control than ever before. We then used this new cornering technique to link three berms together.

I moved her over to the skills trail next, to start working on tighter corners as well as some other sections which included rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops. We looked at the first half of the trail to begin with, and it was important now to know where the correct place to look was, as well as making sure the rest of her skills remained present. We moved to the bottom of the trail to link drop offs into berms.

After lunch, we went back and I showed her on the middle section of the skills trail, how to absorb fly outs to maintain speed, and absorb steps to allow longer breaking areas. We
Moved onto drops, where I introduced a mental skills set, and after demonstrating the correct technique, was all to happy to feel air beneath both her wheels.

I moved over to the quarry to work on steeper terrain, in which I was able to show her the importance of having the correct body position. After a couple of goes as both she seemed confident with both roll ins, one with an apex and one without. We moved up the hill again and worked on linking steeper roll ins with corners. She was riding this fluidly after a couple of goes, but I could see tiredness was starting to set in. Back to the skills trail we went, but this time she used the drop technique which I showed her earlier, to turn the drop offs she rolled down previously into a section she could get into the air on, and linked this with the corner. She then rode the whole trail top to bottom, but by this point, after over 4 hours since we began, her head was full of information and our session came to an end.

Nice to meet you Katherine, let me know how the riding goes.

Nath (@ukbikenath)