Kath contacted me short notice as she had a weeks holiday saying that she is a beginner and lacks confidence in riding off road.
After the skills check I saw what skills needed working on but also that she had the beginnings of a solid push that could easily be turned into a technique once recognized.
So, I began with unweighting the front end of the bike and pumping the trail. Both techniques required Kath to feel when it was going right and once she did the techniques became easier for her. from there we went to the beginnings of the drop technique where I got Kath to push into an up slope and feel the front wheel raise and soon the back wheel followed suit. Things were really looking up and confidence was blossoming. I then worked on the most common of off road fears in women, rolling down steep stuff. I broke the descents down and gradually we used the physical skills to gain commitment and confidence and Kath began to really shine.
Finally, we moved onto a trail with 9 sections in total on it and worked methodically on them one by one before linking them together. Kath’s cornering was something we worked hard on and soon she was riding down smoother, controlled and beaming with confidence.
great session Kath!