Keith was given a voucher for his birthday and made his way down from Manchester and on arrival we had a coffee and chatted of his experiences and aspirations for the session. I began with the skills check and found both looking and body positioning needed work and I changed his set up to enhance the corrections I made.

 We began with the drop technique and I worked on both the mental and physical skills required and keith soon began landing perfectly and knowing why.

 We moved to the skills trail and began work on linking the sections contained in the trail together via the control zones. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pump bumps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, drops and steps. Over half way through the session and he was riding the entire trail end to end and loving the new found grip and confidence.

 We moved onto riding steeps and using his new body position and set up Keith found enhanced control in descending and manged his speed easier too.

 I moved onto the 6ft tabletop and I knew from our conversations earlier that he had a mental barrier with these and I worked on the technique and the application of his new skill set and after a time he sailed over it easily and never even felt like he’d left the ground. After a good few clears we moved onto our final trail, the pump and jump trail and worked on linking the pump technique to generate speed to be able to choose to jump sections. Our session came to a close soon after and we warmed up in the local pub with a welcome pint of Doombar.
Great session Keith.