Shane booked a session with me after hearing about my coaching whilst in France.  On meeting I ran Shane through my skills check and found looking and body positioning needed work. I set to work and we began with the drop technique and it didn’t take him long to be landing simply and perfectly.

I moved us on after a short while and we worked on the top half of the skills trail. Pumping, rock gadens and 4 corners were all linked together by their exits and entries and already Shane was looking and feeling like a new rider. We were chatting about riding steep stuff so I changed our direction slightly and worked on body positioning whilst riding steeps and it stunned Shane how easy it all felt.

We moved back to the skills trail and began linking all the sections together and soon he was linking 14 sectons together effortlessly. I worked on braking and line choice to make it all more fluid and he was now flying!

 I wanted to teach him to jump the 6ft tabletop and gap jump so I moved us onto there. Shane said he’d be happy to land the tabletop but in a few minutes he was sailing over the gap jump too!
To round up our session we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on not only pumping and jumping sections on the trail but also manuling too!
 Our session ended when Shane declared himself happy but mentally knackered!
Awesome riding dude.