I coached Klara and Roland a couple of months ago on their cornering and today they returned for the rest of their  session to control  getting into the air from drops and jumps. I corrected their looking and body positioning and began working on the mental skills. Drops were first on the menu and We began with a 1ft drop and in a couple of runs they were both easily riding it and landing perfectly. They both said it felt simpler than any previous efforts as they had both had breakages crashing trying to jump. They used their mental skills questions to decide to move up to the 2ft drop and finally the 3ft drop and I was even able to teach Roland to begin to move the bike in the air.

We took a break and resumed with jumping. I used the 6ft tabletop for this and by controlling speed they could focus on applying the physical skills required and gradually they began to fly into the air. Roland cleared it first and then we began working on effort and speed, something that confused him but later would click nicely for him to pop over the 6ft jump easily. Klara was more cautious but in time she was sailing over it also. The video shows one of the final runs before she began clearing it and the control is there for all to see. Awesome session and a great end to another week of ukbikeskills coaching for myself and Nathan