Klara and Roland returned for another mountain bike skills coaching session to build on their last one. I began by working on their trail flow and used the singletrack trail for this. Klara needed work on her footwork wen turning right and Roland needed more body positioning in turns too. We worked on linking the fourteen sections of the trail using the techniques we at ukbikeskills teach and soon they were linking pumping, jumps, rock garden, steps and drops with flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Line choice was worked on as were control areas and cornering techniques.

After a welcome coffee break we resumed with riding steeper terrain and riding a very steep drop off in different ways. This really took them by surprise as it felt easier than ever and simple too. I worked on their bunnyhop techniques as they had been trying too lift both wheels together but soon that was changed ..

Our final technique was jumping tabletops. I worked on both their mental skills here and was even able to get Roland to begin to style in the air too. By the end of the session they were both clearing the 6ft jump with ease and big smiles. A great session with an awesome couple.




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