1. I have coached Julie before and this time she brought Louise along for the session too. As ever, I began with the skills check and set up changes and identified looking a body positioning faults. Once corrected , we set about applying the skills set on drops.
  2. Both ladies rode them with ease and commented on how easy it now felt. After a while I moved on to work on pumping and cornering and linking sections on a trail together. I didn’t want to use the whole trail so narrowed it to 9 sections and soon they were linking pumping, fly out jumps, berms, flat turns, rock gardens, switchback and steps together on a trail with ease.

I moved onto the one thing they both said they’d love to be able to do, jump tabletops and in no time at all both were sailing over the 6ft tabletop.

Louise was first quickly followed by Julie. Lou used her mental skill set to ride the 6ft gap jump also!

They were both blown away at how easy it was. I moved back onto the pump and jump trail and now worked on advanced pumping and generating enough speed to jump the 3rd section, a 9ft tabletop and both girls sailed over that too no problem. Our session ended as they began to tire and I gave them a pump, jump and manual demonstration on the same trail so they could see the same skills in my riding as I had taught them.
Great session!