They bet me I wouldn’t name this blog like that 🙂 James and John turned up as arranged and from the word go we were having a laugh. That tone continued throughout the session which made the 6 hours they spent with me fly by, literally. 
 I ran them through the skills check and found they needed work in footwork, looking and body positioning and that had to be corrected before I worked on their mental skills. I adjusted their set ups and that made an immediate difference to them both and soon we were of to the drops to apply their new improved skills sets to the technique required. They both soon were landing perfectly and it blew them away at how simple it felt, the 3ft drop proving simple too. Before we had a break I began working on their cornering and had to work very hard on their right turns in particular. Before lunch, they were linking three berms together and that was in preparation for their up coming visit to bike park wales.
 After lunch we began working on jumping tabletops and landing on the downslope. a 6ft tabletop soon proved no problem to both John and James and the gap jump loomed. Both rode the gap jump a few times and could feel when anything was right or wrong and they knew why too.
 We then worked on applying the mental skills to riding steep terrain and a near vertical drop off.
It’s the mental skills that decide whether you can or cannot ride any section and applying those makes all the difference and using a macho ballsy attitude ends up hurting.
They ended their session on a trail pumping, jumping and cornering better than ever before and tiredness , both mental and physical ended a brilliant day with two fantastic guys.