Lawrence came on a public mountain bike skills session a few months back, and came back with his friend Mark for a private session. I ran them both through the skills checks, to see with Lawrence, what he had retained from last time, and Mark to see what was missing from his skills set. Body position and looking was what needed work with both of them, and I made any necessary corrections here, before moving us on.

We began with drops. I explained here the importance of having the correct mind set when faced with an obstacle, and demonstrated the correct technique. Soon enough they were both flying off the largest drop, landing perfectly, and now realising how easy it was with the correct technique. We moved straight over to the tabletop, and I controlled their speed individually, finding both of their clearance points. They both sailed over the gap jump as well.

We moved up the hill to begin working on cornering. Here I showed them the correct technique, before putting it to practice in a turn. We moved onto the three linked berms, and I demonstrated braking in the correct places, and carrying speed through the three sections. They linked this with the larger tabletop as well. Next I showed them the wooden gap jump which came after the second corner. What before looked way out of their reach, was now just another gap, and they both rode it well.

We moved to the quarry to work on some steeper terrain, and I explained how having the correct body position is important when riding these sections. I showed them dropping in both forwards and sideways, and any trepidation was soon stamped out, and they where loving riding these.

Our session finished in the 9ft gap jump in the trees. Again I demonstrated to them the correct technique and speed, and they both sailed over it, landing perfectly on the down slope with smiles on their faces.

Great session guys, just work on pressing that hand!

Nath (@ukbikenath)