Leon and Darren ride together and have a vast difference in experience. Darren has only been riding since xmas and Leon for a lot longer and he has tried to help him along but himself had issues with confidence after a crash 3 years ago. We began with the skills check and I found looking and body positioning were missing in their skill sets and I made some set up changes to correct these.
 We moved onto the drop sections to begin with and it took them no time at all to ride them all and feel very comfortable in doing so!
After a short while we moved onto the skills trail and we used the top half first. I covered pre jumping and using the gained speed to link in the following berm, flat corner, rock garden, berm and switchback. It took a  body position excersize to really ope  their eyes to the world of grip in turns and soon they were beginning to fly. After a break we moved onto the last half of the trail where the skill set was used to  begin to jump and also I demonstrated linking drops into corners by line choice and braking areas. Soon they were riding the entire trail end to end and loving it as they felt in control and smooth, the speed went up too!
 Now when they turned up the previous night an camped before their session , they had a look round and never thought they’d do all 3 learner drops let alone the 6ft tabletop and gap jump but 4 hours into the session they were happy to see me demonstrate it and then they followed and flew over the tabletop with whoops of joy, Leon and then Darren rode the 6ft gap jump too and the pair were giggling like children afterwards.
 Thanks for being part of an awesome session guys!