Leona likes her racing and the same goes for her mtbing. She felt she was losing so much time on the technical side of her riding that she sought my help.
During the skills check I discovered she had footwork and looking faults in corners just for starters but possessed a perfect push! This meant that anything she faced straight on was a mental battle not a physical one.
I began with the drop technique and used the first 2 drops to enable Leona to get to grips with the ease of the technique and discover the power in her push.
We then moved onto the trail and we worked on pumping and linking the sections of the trail using the exits and entries. We linked flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns into steps, up ramps and drop offs. We worked methodically down the trail linking the next sections to the previous ones and soon Leona was traveling faster and more controlled and remarking on how slow it feels. This is due to her looking further down the trail than she ever had and that gives you a sense of time delay as you ride to the vanishing point.
I timed Leona on the first half of the trail and she took 3 seconds off with relative ease, which relates to massive time gains.
We rode the trail end to end and it was great to see her looking and footwork becoming more of an unconscious action. There’s more work to do but its getting there big time.
Our session came to a close as Leona became mentally drained rather than physically and I’m looking forward to her riding updates!