Lewis originally booked a 1 to 1 session but his friend and more experienced rider, Matt wanted to attend too. the skills check showed I needed to work on looking and body positioning with both of them and I changed their set ups too. On the drop technique I was able to work on the mental skills too and they soon were flying off the largest drop and knowing why it felt right.
The skills trail was next and I worked hard on their cornering and linking sections of a trail fluidly. Linking drops into corners was something I worked hard with them on and they got faster and smoother as a result.
We rode a near vertical drop off and I demonstrated 3 different techniques that apply using their skills sets and soon they followed suit and were blown away at how simple it now felt and non dramatic.
I want to work on their jumping, Matt was an ex bmxer and as a kid rode dirt jumps so I needed to wake that memory up and bring Lewis along in his own time too. The 6ft tabletop and gap jump soon flew by and we moved to the pump and jump trail and worked on manuals, pumping and jumping and where each best applies. We worked on carrying speed through 2 berm and linked 7ft gaps, drops and a 9ft step down in to the line too. The 15 sections of the pump and jump  trail cumulate in a 14-15ft tabletop that Lewis was now blown away that he could clear. A few runs later and Matt decided to apply both skills sets to riding the 4 large ladder gap jumps with ease. Over 5 hours after we began I could see that they had reached the full up point in terms of their learning so our session ended with them having a few runs of whatever they choose. What an amazing session.
High5 guys!