Jon has been riding for 10+ years and I could tell he was very comfortable riding. After the skills check I identified that his footwork in corners is totally natural to him but he doesn’t look into the “next” on the trail. I went through the skills and onto the pumping technique and un-weighting of the bike. This led into the dis-connected bunny hop technique. After negotiating the fallen tree, we moved onto the drop technique then onto a trail. We worked on his cornering and focussed on his looking and started to adapt his body positioning. After a short while, we stitched the sections of corners,roll downs and drops on the trail together and Jon was riding very fluidly. We then rode to a tight natural trail , where footwork and looking would be tested fully and here is where we ended after breaking the trail into coachable sections and then finally riding the whole trail seamlessly.
Great riding Jon!