Nigel and Toni had been with me before and wanted to attend another session to reinforce the skills and techniques we covered before but also with their friend Louise.
The skills check not only showed me what was missing from the skill set but also what had installed from before with Nigel and Toni.
From there we went through bi lateral pumping and also the dis connected bunny hop which Nigel got after a few runs.
From there I demonstrated the drop technique and all got air beneath their wheels and the smiles really beamed.
Now was time to move onto cornering and here we worked heavily on footwork and looking with Louise but also body positioning with Nigel and Louise. We worked on 6 sections on the trail and using the identified braking zones really began to flow down the trail. Confidence and commitment were developed in sections, in particular the linked section that involved a roll down into a corner but using the physical skill set no problems occured and we ended our session with smiles all round.