On meeting Lucien and Paul I paid attention to how they spoke of their riding experience and what their fears were. During this time I ran them through the skills health check and discovered some very good habits and identified the missing skills in both of them. After the push technique we went straight to the 3 drop sections and began applying the skill set to that technique both mentally and physically. Soon the guys were landing perfectly off of all 3 drops and it came time to move onto the trail and its sections contained within. We worked heavily on corners first, then moved onto up slopes, bunny hops, rocks, off cambers and linked sections. Methodically I moved down the trail adding the next section to the previous ones and soon the flow was evident. Next up was the jump technique, and soon Lucien was airborne and landing cleanly on the down slope followed quickly by Paul. Lucien was so happy with this that he moved over to the gap side and easily jumped that too. Woodwork was a major fear of Lucien and Paul as they had said at the start but they wanted to know how to deal with wooden berms. Soon Paul was riding it just as if it were made of dirt and Lucien just needed more commitment and speed but we stopped before a fear became reinforced. Lastly, we worked on a dirt berm and the skills were blossoming nicely as they flew round it easily before tiredness called an end to a fantastic session.