Luke, Gonnie and Josh came back to me to further their coaching and brought along Rich with them too for the session.
As always i began with the skills check and found what was present and missing from their skills and it was awesome to see the previous session had paid off.
The first technique we covered as always, was drops.
The boys wasted no time in flying off them and landing perfectly.
We moved onto the trail where we worked on pumping and body positioning in corners. We linked flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns to rock gardens, jumps, drops and steps. Each section was linked to the next by their entry and exit and the correct braking areas used.
We moved methodically down the trail linking the next segment to the previous and the flow began to happen as they rode smoothly and controlled.

We worked heavily on linking drops into berms too and then began to ride the entire trail.
With each run they flowed more and more.
After a few runs we moved onto our final technique, jumping tabletops.
Iworked on their mental skill set and Rich was too tired to continue. The other 3 set about it and in no time sailed across the 6ft tabletop time and again. They moved across to the 6ft gap jump and rode that a few times too before our session came to and end.
Great session boys!