The session got off to an early start today, which began with the skills check, where i discovered that lynn was missing a number of key skills in his cornering, but only a small looking correction when he unwaited the bike. I worked on these here, before moving over to drops. He applied his now concious technique on these, along with his new mental skills set which i explained, and we quickly leaving the ground for the first time, and landing perfectly on the largest drop. After a quick cornering exercise, i worked on the trail putting it into practice. I Split it into 4 sections, and worked on corners, rock gardens, jumping and steps, and he was soon riding top to bottom with more flow and speed each time, commenting on how much more comfortable and in control it felt. We moved onto the tabletop where i worked on matching his technique with his speed and he was soon landing perfectly on the landing of both the tabletop and gap jump. We worked on some steeper roll downs, where i worked on overcoming his mental barriers, and he rode both with ease, perfectly. Our session ended on the pump and jump trail, where i had him pumping through the sections to maintain speed through the trail.
Good work today Lynn!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)