We met as arranged and after giving my commitments for the session I moved straight to the skills check where I not only discovered what was missing in their riding but also uncovered an awesome push to un weight in both of them that was bogged down by bad habits.
The first technique we covered was the drop technique and after developing their mental skills both Mac and Nick rode all 3 drops easily and comfortably.
We then moved on to the trail and its 14 sections. We worked our way down the trail methodically and linked each section to the next using the entries and exits. We worked on flat, off camber , switchback and bermed corners, Steps, rocks, pumping, jumping and drops into corners. By developing their looking and body positioning they traveled faster and smoother down the trail each time.
We worked on carrying speed through sections.

After a few runs of the trail, it became time to move to jumping tabletops and gaps and in a short time both were landing smoothly on the tabletop and then both used their mental skill set to ride the gap jump easily.

Our session ended with myself giving a demonstration of the skills set being used in the freeride context.
Great session guys!