Today Marc returned for his second mountain bike coaching session with me, so to kick things off we headed straight over to the drops. This was to warm up, but I also wanted to bring out his unweight, by playing around with his approach speed. We moved straight over to the tabletop, where we then used this to work on jumping the same distance with less speed.

From here, we moved over to the three berms and big tabletop which followed. Marc had obviously taken onboard and practiced what I had showed him last time, and he was very quickly flowing from corner to corner, and then flying off the big tabletop afterwards. I then showed him the ladder gap which followed the second corner. This was where Marc decided on our previous session that he was tired, but this time sailed over it with ease.

After lunch, I brought him to the slightly larger gap jump in the trees, which requires not only enough speed to jump 9ft, but he had to control his speed through a corner before and after it. We spent a bit of time here trying to link all three sections together with flow, but he soon had it and was loving it.

We moved up the top to work on some wooden ladders. I first demonstrated the correct technique to dismount should you loose your balance of feel the need to stop, and after that, Marc was linking wooden ladder drops, turns on the ladders, higher sections and seesaws. It was at the point that Marc was beginning to feel tired, and we brought our session to an end.

Cool to see you again Marc, remember the knee bend I showed you and work on that.

Nath (@ukbikenath)