Six riders came to the Herts skills area as arranged and I ran them through part of my skills check that relates to jumps and drops and i made some set up changes too. We worked with the mental and physical aspects of the drop technique first and they applied their new skill sets to this.

After a while I showed them basic cornering so we could link drops into corners too so it was more realistic. All riders were really improving as they felt more in control now.

We moved onto the fly out jump to work on the first phase of the jump technique before moving onto a 6ft tabletop and gap jump and the riders applied their mental skills to decide whether to ride the gap jump rather than peer pressure or balls!

I then moved onto the pump and jump trail and worked on pumping sections of the trail to generate speed and jumping a 9ft tabletop along the way and later they rode the entire trail end to end utilizing all the elements of the session .

It was good to see them all enjoying themselves whilst they learned in the hot sunshine of the day. A cold beer and a riding demonstration from myself ended a very cool session indeed.,