The session started with 3 no shows so the session continued with Tony, Andy, Dan, Jamie and Ian.
Myself and my fellow coach, Nathan began with the skills check and set up changes and soon we were onto applying the physical and mental skills to the drop technique.

  It didn’t take them long to land smooth and controlled.

 I then worked on some basic cornering and linking drops into corners and they were loving it.

  Jumping was next up after we had a coffee break and soon we were on a 6ft tabletop and gap jump

 They individually used their mental skills to decide whether to ride the gap jump side.

  I was even able to show how and why the skills applied to styling in the air too.

 We moved onto the end of another  trail to work on a 15ft tabletop and speed judgement.
Soon they were riding down the trail and getting air in a confident and comfortable manner.
The session ended with high5’s all round as mental fatigue hit home.
 Awesome session!