Mark and Jamie made the short journey from Essex and on arrival we chatted about their expectations and aspirations before finally getting started with the skills check. I found between them they had body, feet and looking missing skills and I made the set up changes to correct some of this before moving on, as ever to the drops.
In no time at all they were both riding all 3 drops and using their new mental skills too.

We moved onto the skills trail and I worked on pumping and connecting to the trails energy before linking it to the following berm and flat corner. before long the rock garden and two more corners sailed past and I moved onto the fly out to show why their skill set applied here also. They were now riding 9 sections and controlling their speed in the correct areas. Any errors were self diagnosed now as they knew why It went wrong.

I worked hard on linking drops into corners and the associated line choices and before long they were riding the 14 sections on the trail smoother and faster than they previous could have.

We moved onto the 6ft tabletop to do something they had never did previous to today, jump!
To their amazement they were flying through the air and landing effortlessly.

They even moved over to the gap jump side and happily rode that also a few times before mentally tired, they called an end to the session and I gave them a riding demo of the same skill set I teach in use in my own riding on the herts woodwork.
Awesome session!