Mark and Mike turned up as arranged and I ran them through my skills check. I found them missing body positioning and looking skills and made some changes to their set ups.
We moved to the drops to work on applying both mental and physical skills sets and soon they were easily riding all 3 drops.
 Onto the skills trail and over the next couple of hours we worked on all the sections piece by piece before linking the whole trail together. Pumping, absorbing, rocks, steps and drops were all linked to flat bermed, off camber and switchback corners. By line choice and control areas the lads began riding more controlled and faster than before and errors were even being self diagnosed. I moved them onto jumping tabletops as they both ride trail centres and they are a popular feature. In a few steps they both were clearing the 6ft tabletop with ease and then rode the gap jump a few times too.
Next up we moved to the pump and jump trail to work on pumping more and developing speed to jump sections and even linked in 2 berms .
Steeps were next and their new skills shone through as they rode a near vertical drop off with control and confidence.
Our session ended with a few more runs of the complete skills trail as mentally I could see they were done.
Awesome session.