Mark and Steve arrived as arranged and wanted to work on jumping, drops, steep stuff and maybe even learn to bunnyhop .

The skills check showed looking, body position and footwork errors that needed correcting and a small set up adjustment too.

That then only left the mental skills and what a session it turned into. We worked on the drop technique and then onto the jumping of tabletops, the lads were amazed at how simple and effortless it all suddenly felt.

We moved to pumping and carrying speed through berms and once again , their new skills sets shone through.

After a coffee break, we resumed with various steeper terrain situations including a near vertical drop off. Once the mental skills added up , they both rode them easily.

Onto the singletrack trail and it wasn’t long before they were riding the whole trail and linking the 14 sections contained within it together. Berms, off camber, switchback and flat corners were linked to pumping, pre jumping, steps, rocks and drops.

Before the session ended, I worked on the techniques involved in bunnyhops and that blew them away as they could get over large obstacles that they previously would have to walk or carry over, very easily.

Amazing session guys.




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