Mark has been coached by me before and felt he was dropping a  skills and wanted to bring his riding buddy Julian along for a session.
 Mark was right, he had dropped body position and that had effected his mental skills and I found looking and body positioning needed work in Jules riding too.
 I was able to show them both why the skills enabled them to style it in the air and soon after we moved onto the skills trail to work on linking the 14 sections together. Pre jumping, rock gardens, steps, jumps and drops were linked to off camber, flat switchback and bermed corners. Both really got to grips with their new skills as they really began to fly down the trail.
I moved onto another trail and we worked on linking steeper terrain together with various sections. Dropping into near vertical terrain proved no issue for them both and that blew them away.
steeps into corners and linking them to hipped jumped were now not an issue.
 I moved on to manuals through doubles and tabletops and they soon got that too and from there to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. they both rode both side and even styled it there too.
 Then we moved to a 15ft tabletop and they began controlling speed to jump it and then added the rest of the trail to it. Their control of their speed enabled them to confidently ride any thing on  the trail.
 For our last application of the skills sets, we moved to a 9ft gap jump that had a corner before and after. They both linked them together with control and style straight away before they declared they were mentally drained from the session.
What a session and I can’t wait for their riding updates.